About us

Director/Founder Mette Reebirk

My background

I am the former Investment Director of Scandinavian Cortex, where I focused on attracting multinational health tech companies to the third largest city in Denmark, Odense. I also worked with similar projects in Copenhagen for many years. Previously, I served as Director of International Related Affairs at Copenhagen Business School and Director of International Affairs at Roskilde University. Throughout my career, my most important contribution has been to challenge the existing mindset and change how people think

What drives me?

Establishing Reebirk Business and running my own business enables me to help people with great ideas see them through to fruition. But there is also a more personal dimension: I want to transform companies and organizations into something more purposeful. I’m convinced that “purpose-driven” businesses will attract talented professionals, and the notion of value will grow in line with the company’s purpose… and profit will follow.

I have had the great pleasure of working with China for many years in both the academic and business world. Through this work, I have gained the trust of a strong group of very well-placed Chinese colleagues. In addition, the fact that my husband was born in Taiwan (and his father was born in Manchuria, and worked as a missionary) has given me insight into this proud culture, and it has touched my heart. China is therefore a key area of my focus when working with Danish companies’ internationalization efforts.