How we work

What we know is what we see, but the intersection between the known and the unknown is where we find innovative solutions that provide new perspectives and new insight. Reebirk Business will help you innovate through our capabilities:

  • Seeing connections – the ability to connect non-related questions, challenges and ideas from different areas
  • Asking questions – the ability to ask the right questions, rather than finding the perfect answers
  • Observing – the ability to really be able to see the world, through an anthropologist’s eyes
  • Experimenting – the ability to perceive the world as a laboratory, providing an opportunity to test everything
  • Networking – allocating resources for connecting with different people who can bring new perspectives and knowledge

Key elements of our services/value proposition
Reebirk Business delivers:

  • Wise capital, in the form of strategy knowledge, organizational knowledge and management knowledge
  • Social capital, in the form of a large network that can facilitate access to information and business partners at home and abroad
  • Execution, to ensure progress